Will Travel to your Arena for

             Problem Solving 

          Price for Traveling
      $ 1.00 per mile round trip.
      $ 60.00 per Hour 2 Hr. 


      Beginner lessons at EQNHA will consist of learning Safety around and on the Horse. What You will learn is: How to safely, walk around, Groom, and care for the Horse from the feet to the top of their Ears. This will also inclued, Saddling and Bridling.
     You will Safely learn how to Control the horse on the ground through simple exercizes, we call Ground Manners.
     Saddle Work, once your in the saddle you will learn how to control the horse with simple exercizes, using leg aids and rein aids. You will also learn how to steer, at the walk, trot, and lope. All lessons will be specialized and Disigned for the riders ability.

Private Lessons with EQNHA Instructors:

Lesson cost is $50.00 per hour:

Purchase one of our Hourly Plans and get a 10% Discount.
    10 Hours, save $50.00 pay $450.00 not $500.00
     8  Hours, save $40.00 pay $360.00 not $400.00
     6  Hours, save $30.00 pay $270.00 not $300.00
     4  Hours, save $20.00 pay $180.00 not $200.00
  One Lesson per week. Canceling and Rescheduling a Lesson requires a 24 hour          notice or that lesson is forfited.  Once Hours are purchased they are non refundable.

                     HORSES IN TRAINING AT EQNHA
                       ONE WEEK MINIMUM, 
     Starts the beginning of a great foundation with your horse on the ground. Usually, riding will begin in the second week depending on circumstances............

      COST IS $100.00 Per Day plus boarding ( You provide the Feed & Hay ) 
        Owner must be involved with the Training
        You and your Horse will learn, how to:
      Correct  problems
      Establish Ground Manners, and gain,
      Respect for the Relationship, between you and your           horse.  ( Start building that foundation today )

    Remember this : Horses are individuals just like us. They     learn on their time not ours. We let them learn not make them     learn.
10 Hours
8 Hours
6 Hours
One Hour Only
On Site Payment... Cash...Credit Card... Debit Card...
                                   NO CHECKS PLEASE
                            Day Use at EQNHA

   Arena & obstacle course is $15.00 per Hour

   Please call for appointment time 479-466-2569

           Please call for appointment times

                        EQNHA                                      Fayetteville, Ark. 

    E-Quantum Natural  Horsemanship  Association     479-466-2569

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EQNHA Value For Your Buck

4 Hours

               Boarding Fee:  $25.00 per night

       When in Training or Over night stays:
        You must provide your own:

                          Stall Shavings

            Arena Rental fees are separate.